5 Tips to Saying Yes to the Dress

Saying Yes To the Dress is one of the most SPECIAL moments of your wedding planning experience. The first moment you see yourself in a bridal gown is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! If you are anything like me you may even cry.

I will never forget my experience. We are coming up on our 4 year anniversary in September, and I remember it like it was yesterday. My husband’s uncle surprised me with one of the most special gifts in the world!!! Yes you guessed it!!! A wedding dress!!! I flew to NYC to his Boutique inside the Plaza Hotel to pick a gown from their collection. I almost fainted LOL!!! It was a scene right out of a movie. I felt just like Carrie Bradshaw in the movie, Sex and The City. Remember when she did the photo shoot for Vogue and found the dress of her dreams??? I TOTALLY had a Carrie Bradshaw moment.

My maid of honor and bridesmaid came with me. It was SO much fun!!! I remember when we arrived to The Plaza. I opened the doors to go inside and I promise I heard Angels singing hehe. The Plaza is BEAUTIFUL!!! There are chandeliers and gold everywhere!!! It literally looks like a dream!!! I remember the moment I arrived at the boutique. My heart was beating SOOO fast with excitement. I couldn’t believe I was about to pick the dress I was going to marry the man of my dreams in!!!

When I walked into the boutique. I already had gowns pulled for me to try on. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I went back to try on the very first gown. When I came out and saw myself I cried!!! I remember saying “This Is It…This Is The Dress” ;-)!!! Everyone was like “Wow that was fast.” I knew in my heart that was it. I did try on other dresses for fun and to make sure. But, I knew dress #1 was it!!! My maid of honor and bridesmaid captured some memorable pictures for me :-).

Five things I learned from my experience as a Bride and as a Bridal Consultant:

1. Try not to shop hop.

The idea of visiting many boutiques sound like a great idea. But you may find yourself overwhelmed and exhausted. Sometimes it really is that simple and your first dress may be “The One.”

2. Keep the guest list small.

I know it is an exciting time and you want everyone there to share the moment with you. But a lot of people can turn into a lot of opinions. Sometimes people can not see the vision and you can walk away from a gown that was actually perfect for you!!! Trust your consultant. Allow her to help you. She has seen their gowns on different body types and will know a great dress for you.

3. Go on an off day.

If you can… try to go during the week. Saturdays are super busy. You may get some extra time with your consultant if she doesn’t have anyone scheduled after you.

4. Try Something new.

Definitely go with an idea of a style you like in mind. However, be open to trying at least one style that is outside of what you think you are looking for. You may get surprised and fall in love with a dress that you weren’t expecting.

5. Have Fun!!!

Remember the experience is suppose to be fun!!! Do not stress. Sometimes we build up the moment so much in our head that we forget to enjoy the process. Take it all in and MAKE MEMORIES!!! You will have a SPECIAL story as to how you said “YES TO THE DRESS” too ;-)!!!

The Winner!!!


Vendor Team

Designer: Douglas Hannant

Photographer: Fredrick Anderson http://www.freddyo.com

Make up: Mimi J http://mimijonline.com

Hair: Jason Scott http://www.bizlinkms.com

Bouquet: Flowers From Us http://m.flowersfromus.net


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    I LOOOOOOOVE it! You picked the PERFECT dress!!

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